AWE Judo Club

Main Gym, West Gate, AWE Rec Soc, Tadley, RG26 4QP

Tel: 0118 9815590 or 07917 005862 


1. Payments

All payments are made via the Nest system and can be setup via sign up now button at the top of the website.

  • if for any reason you wish to leave you can cancel your subscription by emailing It would be great to know any reasons for stopping so we can improve everybody’s experience by making changes if necessary.

Club Costs.

  • There is no join up or annual membership fee for the club.
  • Currently lessons are spread evenly over the year with monthly direct debits . ( This includes December and August payments)
  • Judo Suits available from Sensei Paul and start at £30 depending on size and make. (beware of cheaper online suits advertised as Judo suits that are falsely advertised or not suitable for the sport)
  • Judo Suits, Belts (From £5) and other merch is also available
  • Any requests can be emailed to 

British Judo Association costs

The governing body BJA have an annual membership that covers insurance and grading documentation etc. (This needs to be taken out after 4 weeks)

  • Judo Kids memberships for 5-7yr olds 
  • Junior Full membership 

There is also a free 3 month Introductory and recreational membership available but does not include ability to attend Grading or Competition so not recommended.

Apply at

Grading Costs

These are included up to 3 times a year with your club subscription. We will run these on dates that will be advised once joining.

2. Clothing

Questions about clothing.

It is not recommended to wear suits from other Martial Arts as they do not meet the safety requirements of Judo.

For instance Karate and Taekwondo do not have the padding required in the collars as they do not grapple and may cut into the neck area.

Jujitsu Gis have the padding but do not meet the standards for competitions. The may be ok to begin training in but will not be accepted at competitions as the cut is different on the arms and usually have advertising patched that are not accepted.

Please watch this short video on how to tie your belt. It’s best to practice over and over so that you can learn to tie them quickly during sessions and contests.  Learning to tie your belt is also on your gradings.

For your first lesson it is best to wear a PE kit or Jogging bottoms. We will loan a jacket and belt after which you will need to buy a Judo Suit. (Note: Jujitsu, Karate and Taekwondo suits etc are not the same).

Judo is done Bare foot. However you will need footwear when off the mat. We recommend Sandals (Zoris), Flip Flops, Crocs or similar that can be slid on and off easily when leaving the mat.

3. British Judo Association

Questions about the National Governing Body The British Judo Association (B.J.A.)

You can join the British Judo Association at

When filling out the form please remember to add the following details:

Membership type should be Junior Full New or Judo Kids (Under 8’s) if this is your first licence. (Renewal if the second year)

(Note:  We do not recommend Recreational licence for children as it does not allow for grading or competing)

Club:  AWE Judo Club

Club Number: 223

County/Area: Hampshire / Southern

If you live or come from another county, you can use this on your licence. However, you will be excluded from  any Hampshire ‘closed events’ that take place.

4. Grading and Syllabus

Information about grading

Usually your first Grading can be taken after a minimum of 6 weeks. But to do so you must be a member of the National Governing Body the British Judo Associtaion (BJA). This is an Annual membership that also covers insurance for competitions and training at BJA Clubs.

AWE’s  BJA Level 2 Coaches are Qualified as examiners for grades up to Brown Belt and will take gradings three times a year included in your monthly subscription.  

Those wishing to attain their Black Belt will have to attend specific Dan Grading Events with Senior Examiners. The BJA website will have these details.

The coaches will send the grading to the BJA when you have completed all the requirements for your grade. 

If you wish to grade between these times then as a member of the BJA you can attend other BJA clubs that are running gradings and do so, however there is a minimum time requirement between grades.